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The Sampler Company is love.

I have suddenly acquired a tremendous fondness for marine-themed designs, for some reason. It started with Ink Circles’ Sea Stars, which I bought and kitted up a couple of years ago but have yet to start (and finish), continued with Bent Creek Summer Snapperland and Shepherd’s Bush Sail Away, and now I’m loving these Brenda Keyes’ sea-themed charts:

Plymouth Sampler

Plymouth Sampler

New England Sampler

New England Sampler

The Sailors Wife

The Sailor's Wife

Pretty nice, eh? ;)

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February 27, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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Changing things up.

I’m so sorry if you’ve been coming here and thinking something’s wrong with your eyes because my blog’s look keeps changing! I’ve realised that certain themes aren’t showing up properly aligned on PCs, although they look fine on my Mac at home, so I’m trying to find a theme that will look decent on both. Something to do with my links, I think.

In other news, I am really really lemming the Sail Away kit by Shepherd’s Bush! It’s AU$85 at The Crewel Gobelin, and since the Australian dollar is weaker than the Singapore dollar right now, it makes it extremely tempting. I so want to buy it, except that I calculated that I’ve spent quite a bit on stash this month and my purse is groaning….

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away

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February 24, 2009 at 10:00 am

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Whale House done, on to Bike Ride.

I love how quickly Summer Snapperland is coming along! In a jiffy, I’ve completed Whale House. Okay, so I haven’t longstitched the whale’s eyes and mouth because I don’t have the Onyx thread it calls for but you wouldn’t notice because of the colour anyway. But really, look how fast it’s gotten done! I started on the second block, Bike Ride last night, but haven’t gotten anything done today because I’ve been nursing a migraine since we came back from church. A trip to the reflexology centre seems to have taken care of it, so maybe I’ll get a few more stitches in tonight before bedtime. Here are my progress pictures.

Whale House done, now it's on to Bike Ride.

I have to say, the crabs in this design are my absolute favourite. Look how cute the first little crab is! There’s another in Bike Ride, and I can’t wait to get him stitched up too. Love crabs! In fact, love ’em so much, I’ve a dinner appointment tomorrow with a group of girlfriends to eat ’em! LOL.

I love Mr Crabby.

I’ll be putting this project aside after I finish Bike Ride to pay attention to the two biscornu exchanges I have to get sent out in the next week or so. After that, it’ll be full steam ahead cos’ I really want to get this done and framed and up on the wall somewhere in our home ASAP.

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February 22, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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Summer Snapperland start.

(I just love alliteration, don’t you?)

After a bit of deliberation, I decided that I would start Summer Snapperland. This has been on my to-do list for about a year, and I thought it high time to make a start. I’m pleased at how quickly it’s going, although I was a bit peeved to discover that I did not have the Shutter Green GAST it calls for in my project pack. Either it didn’t get included in the kit when I bought it, or I used it for another project and it’s gone walkabout. At any rate, I had to order it, and looking at the rest of the design, I’ll have to order more additional skeins of some of the other colours as well. Here’s the progress I’ve made after about two or three nights of work, maximum two hours each time.

House almost done!

Bent Creek Summer Snapperland

Stitched on 32ct Rue Green linen with GAST and WDW threads

I think I should be able to finish the first block and some more of the top border by the end of this week. I really love that green seahorse on the side; when I pulled the thread for him I was thinking, “Green for a seahorse? Hmmm….” but he’s turned out quite fine, if I do say so myself.

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February 19, 2009 at 11:04 am

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Nashville 2009 favourites.

Like many stitchers, I’ve been keeping up with the new designs being released at Nashville at ABC Stitch and am quite excited over a couple of releases, namely:

Quaker Gone Tropic by Michelle Ink Needlework Designs – This design is really, really cute! Love how the tropical motifs blend so well with the Quaker ones. It doesn’t quite scream “buy me NOW!” but it’s cute enough to go on my maybe list.

Earth Sampler by The Primitive Needle – I just love this one. In fact, I have it on order from Drema at Needlecraft Corner, along with Yule Sampler.

Quaker Seasons of Friendship by Crown & Thistle – This is ginormous and gorgeous at 440×250 stitches. I would order it now except that I don’t know when I’d ever get around to stitching it! I’ve also just realised, after a closer look at the design, that I don’t quite like the way the design has been split down the middle to demarcate the changing of the seasons. I would actually prefer it if those two plants in the top half were Frankensteined together instead of split in two with an awkward space down the middle (which does not extend to the half medallion directly below the two pots). This one bears some thinking about. But it’s still beautiful.

Other than that, there are Blue Ribbon Designs’ It’s Cold Outside and Lizzie*Kate’s ABC Lessons, both of which are already winging their way across the oceans to me as I type. I’m really looking forward to making a start on these two designs later this year!

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February 16, 2009 at 6:23 pm

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Cherish Dream Live finish.

No one stepped forward to guess the name of the design, so I’m letting the cat out of the bag because I’m happy this is done. Would you believe it took me almost a week and a half to finish this? That’s what kids will do to your stitching time!

Cherish Dream Live by Lizzie*Kate
Cherish Dream Live Snippet by Lizzie*Kate. Stitched on a mystery white linen with my choice of GAST and Crescent Colours.

This will be going in a pretty white frame from IKEA and winging its way to its recipient soon. Now I must get started on two biscornu exchanges, and I think I will start Summer Snapperland after that. Stitch on, Jean!

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February 14, 2009 at 8:07 pm

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My CCN mail art for Mari
Photo © Mari V

Mari posted on the MAF group to say that my CCN mail art for her had arrived safely. I used motifs from Garden Girl for this mail art, and am quite pleased with how it looks on the flax linen. Unfortunately I stupidly forgot to stitch my return address on the back of the envelope, so I had to put it inside a paper envelope and mail it like that. I did get the postman to hand-cancel the stamps on the MA so that it would look more authentic. He was a little confused by my request, but kindly complied.

CCN MA for Mari - back

I also received lots of wonderful stuff in the mail recently, one of which is the SBEBB Frosty Friends exchange from Gaby! Thank you so much, Gaby, I simply love the two pincushions you made, and all the lovelies you inluded as well.

SBEBB Frosty Friends exchange from GabySBEBB Frosty Friends exchange from Gaby

SBEBB Frosty Friends exchange from Gaby

I said in my last post that I’ve been having a mad time stashing. Some of it has already arrived. My latest acquisitions are:

1) Thread drops x 2 packets
2) Fairy Sisters by HAED artist Julie Fain (all kitted!)
3) Angry Ballerina by HAED artist Annie Rodrigue (almost fully kitted)
4) Winter Wingding by Blue Ribbon Designs plus fabric
5) Halloween Double-Flips by Lizzie*Kate plus threads
6) Flip-it Blessings by Lizzie*Kate plus threads and banding
7) Christmas Double-Flips by Lizzie*Kate plus threads and fabric
8) It’s Cold Outside by Blue Ribbon Designs plus fabric and threads
9) Christmas is Forever by Lizzie*Kate kit
10) ABC Lessons by Lizzie*Kate
11) The Big Zipper by Bent Creek (full series)
12) Threads by Carrie’s Creations for Permin Adam and Eve
13) Literary Littles #4: My Everything by The Sampler Girl
14) Winter Lineup by The Trilogy

Phew! Looking at all this, I won’t be buying any new stash for a long, long, long time to come. Since I need to be realistic about how much I can actually stitch (given that I only have about 1.5 hours each night after the kids have gone to bed), my plan for this year’s stitching goes something like this:

To Laugh Often by Twisted Threads (I’m about 1/3 done)
Eightsome Reel by Papillon Creations (10% done)
Gameboard Sampler by Drawn Thread (10% done)
Grace Building Block by My Big Toe (need to start in order to finish!)

Fairy Sisters by Julie Fain
LK Halloween Double-Flips
LK Christmas Double-Flips
Bent Creek Summer Snapperland
Beatrix Potter’s Quaker Sampler (actually a restart)
Permin Adam and Eve
Over the Hills sampler by Brenda Keyes

Does that seem like biting off more than I can chew? LOL. We’ll see how it goes. I really want to start ALL the designs listed above, but I’ll just have to prioritise.

Given that my stash boxes are now overflowing, I will be offloading some charts and fabrics in my clearance page. Do pop by and see if anything catches your fancy!

In other news, this is such a nifty and fun idea! I love biscornu; they were the first smalls I attemped to finish and making them well gave me the confidence to try other finishing techniques. I have two biscornu exchanges coming up soon, and too little time to commit to this, but thought I’d share the link here.

In case anyone thinks I’ve not been stitching (they might be half right about that since I’ve been feeling like the gods are conspiring to keep me away from my needle these days), here’s part of a small design I’ve been working on for your viewing pleasure:

Dream tomorrow.

I’m stitching this as a gift and will probably just frame it when it’s done because the recipient is not a stitcher and so would appreciate a straightforward framed piece more than a finished item. Can anyone tell me the name and designer of this pattern? ;)

I hope you have been busily stitching, and if you’re in Australia, that you’re staying safe and not suffering too much at the hands of Mother Nature.

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February 14, 2009 at 10:09 am

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TTE Scissor Fob Exchange for Sharon M…and a guilty admission.

Tiny Treasures Exchange scissor fob for Sharon M

I received an email from Sharon letting me know that she had received the scissor fob I’d made for her for the TTE scissor fob exchange. This is my first time making a scissor fob, which is a little unbelievable considering I’ve made quite a few other more complex finishes, and I’m afraid it isn’t too well finished. I need more practice!

This week has been quite a mad SEX-filled week for me. I can’t even begin to enumerate the charts, fabrics and fibres I’ve ordered. It must be Superbowl madness, although I’m nowhere near the US and so can’t possibly be suffering from football mania. I can’t wait for everything to arrive, but I think it’s high time for a long-term stash diet!

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February 7, 2009 at 12:24 am

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Frosty Friends exchange for Becky K.

Frosty Friends SBEBB exchange for Becky K.

Becky emailed me to let me know she had received my Frosty Friends exchange piece for her! I stitched a freebie snowman design on 32ct Tundra from Lakeside Linens using a mixture of overdyed threads and DMC. This was my first flanged pillow finish, and I’m happy with how it turned out!

Not much else to share right now – I’ve mailed off my CCN mail art exchange piece and am now doing some gift stitching, after which I’ll be putting the first stitches into Bent Creek’s Summer Snapperland. My startitis has flared up again, and since this particular design has been kitted up and sitting in my stash for so long I forgot I had it and bought the charts and fabrics all over again (sigh), I figured I’d get cracking. I hope to show a photo of it soon!

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February 5, 2009 at 11:40 pm

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CCN MA received.

Sari sent me a beautifully stitched mailart, all the way from Finland, for the MailArtFriends Country Cottage Needleworks exchange. The motifs are from Cherry Hill, and I think the way Sari put everything together is just so adorable. I love the red threads too. Cherries are one of my favourite fruits, so of course I love them in cross-stitch! Thank you so much, Sari.

CCN MA exchange from Sari

CCN MA exchange from Sari

No WIP pictures of my own to share because I’m doing exchange stitching this week. Check back in a couple of days’ time. I might have something to show then…

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February 2, 2009 at 12:52 am

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