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Corduroy pants.

What you get when you trace out a pattern based on an existing pair of pants, but forget to include a seam allowance – a pair of pants half a size too small for the wearer. I’ll be trying my hand at another pair just as soon as I put one exchange piece to bed and get cracking on another.

I used bias tape binding for the first time on these pants, but am too lazy to take a picture to show you. I found Angry Chicken’s no-swearing bias tape tutorial very useful, but I still don’t think my binding came out right. Oh well, I don’t have a serger and corduroy needs good hemming, so there’s always the next pair of pants to practise on.

Easy kids pants tutorial here.


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November 20, 2008 at 10:44 pm

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  1. I used the same tutorial for my nephew&niece. For me, I forgot to note that I need to have enough allowance for the hips. But i made it a bit bigger so it can fit – just need time to finish it off and make another one for the sister. Cannot have one without the other for these two (a twin but separated by 11 months).


    February 2, 2009 at 2:37 pm

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