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NNC Christmas gift exchange.


I made this little lavender sachet and pincushion for the NNC group Christmas gift exchange. I think the finishing on the sachet could have been better; it’s actually my first time making one and I goofed on the stitching. Hopefully the recipient will look past its flaws, to the lovely lavender scent! The pattern is Bloom, a free one by Lizzie Kate.

Since I’ve started work, stitching time has been scarce and precious. By the time we get the kids to bed, it’s usually about 11pm and there’s not much time left for me to stitch before I have to go to bed in order to wake up on time the next day. Having said that, I was naughty and started a new project – Ink Circles’ Alchemical Romance. I’ll share a picture once I get a few more motifs done as I’ve only done three so far. I might take this to the office and make it my lunchtime/free-time-while-waiting-to-be-picked-up-by-DH project. I’m also raring to start Cirque des Cercles now that my threads have arrived, but I’m going to be good and hold off for now.

I’ve been suffering from the flu this past week, and my asthma flared up, and I lost my voice so overall it’s not been a good start to November health-wise. I hope all of you have been keeping well and stitching up a storm!

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November 9, 2007 at 12:40 am

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