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A little progress.

I am almost finished with the stitching for my bourse project. I love Alyce Schroth silk! It just glides through the fabric and I don’t need to trouble myself with deciding whether to use one strand or two – just snip off the required length and start stitching. I’ve decided that I’ll be using her silks for two future projects – Village By the Sea and the Permin Adam and Eve sampler. I just have to decide on the colour I want for Village By the Sea and I’m good to order. I can’t use AS silks for VBTS because the design calls for stitching with one strand in some parts. Oh well. Now to look at other options.

I’ve fallen in love with Mary Beale’s Days of Advent Sampler after seeing someone’s gorgeous finish on TheSamplerLife. But it’s $75 for the PDF chart, which I think is rather steep even if it is a huge-ass project. Maybe I’ll ask my family to chip in and buy it for me for Christmas!

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July 31, 2007 at 11:05 am

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Playing catch-up.

My sister’s wedding is finally over and she’s enjoying her honeymoon with her newly-minted husband in Koh Samui, Thailand right now. You can see some photos here if you like.

Nothing stitchy to share today except that I’m madly trying to finish my needleroll for the FGBB needleroll exchange, and after that I want to finish my birds pinkeep and make a dent in my poor forgotten WIPs. I did put in a few stitches on Beatrix Potter the weekend before last but not enough to want to take a photo of my progress. It’ll probably come out to play again this weekend.

Hope all of you are happily stitching away!

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July 25, 2007 at 1:25 am

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What is the world coming to.

I received a phone call today from someone wanting a stitcher to stitch a bookmark for her daughter’s school project because “the holes are too small and my daughter can’t see”. I told her that I don’t offer stitching services and suggested that she try Spotlight for fabric in a lower count so that the holes would be bigger and therefore more visible, but she demurred saying that the fabric had come with the kit. The only acceptable solution she was interested in was for someone to stitch the bookmark for her daughter.

I repeated that unfortunately, I don’t offer such services and that I didn’t know anyone else who would. And then, since I had already spent at least five minutes explaining solutions to her, I said, “To be completely honest, ma’am, your daughter should do her own homework.”

She hung up.

Honestly, I can’t believe some people. It’s a bookmark for crying out loud, not a band sampler filled with specialty stitches! Knowing that the standard fabric for kits here is 14 count Aida, I find it hard to believe anyone would be unable to see to stitch on it unless of course they are visually impaired, in which case the girl’s teacher has no business asking her to do cross stitch. I shudder to think what other “difficult” school situations the girl’s mother gets her out of by making phone calls.

Anyway, now that my rant is over, here’s a pinkeep I’m working on using a freebie design by Anne.

Birds pinkeep

DMC on 28count Dusty Rose jobelan. Sorry for the grotty picture; it’s raining cats and dogs today!

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July 18, 2007 at 11:45 am

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Mail art received.

This is the envelope I stitched for Valerie, who’s received it safely. I’m not entirely happy with it – it’s my first attempt at trying to piece together different motifs on the fly, and also my first try at making a mail art envelope…but I guess everything’s a learning process.

My mail art to Valerie J.

My mail art to Valerie J.

I used motifs from Little House Needleworks, Lizzie Kate and a French book, Mots Tendres au Point de Croix. Hopefully the next time I make mail art, it will be nicer.

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July 10, 2007 at 11:29 am

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A little bit of stitching…

…and a whole lot of stashing. Horror of horrors, the last time I posted a picture of my stitching was June 18! Gosh, that’s three whole weeks ago! That’s how busy I’ve been with Needle Little Love. Oh yeah, and my mail art exchange too, which I’ll share pictures of once I receive word that it’s arrived safely.

Anyway, here is a tiny bit of progress on my Quaker Friendship Sampler.

Quaker Friendship Sampler WIP

Seriously, it’s such an easy stitch, I should be making more progress than this. But oh well, by the time I get both the kids down and sort out work stuff, I’m pretty much whacked and can’t stay up for more than an hour. Matter of fact, I’m feeling sleepy now and it’s only just past midnight…

I do, however, have energy to stash! LOL. Here are some fabrics that I’ve collected over the past week. I discovered a store that sells lovely Japanese patchwork fabrics and went a bit crazy…

Yummy fabrics

The replacement biscornu which Carissa stitched for me because we all thought the first one went AWOL also arrived. It’s simply lovely. I love anything red, so this is perfect and such a beautiful companion to the first one too!

Replacement biscornu from Carissa B.

Well, that’s all for now. Oh, if you haven’t been checking Needle Little Love lately, I’m having a promotion for the month of July. Spend S$120 (that’s about US$79) before shipping and get a skein of Belle Soie silk of your choice free! Refer a friend and get a free skein too when they spend S$50 (about US$33) in a single receipt. Visit the store!

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July 4, 2007 at 12:06 am

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