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Gameboard update.

SGB progress.DT Sampler Gameboard SAL with Carissa. Stitched on 36 count Quicksilver by Lakeside Linens with one strand of DMC over two.

The light was bad this morning because of rain, but you get the idea. Four squares down, 59 and a half to go! I made a mistake with the second row flower – it’s one stitch higher than it should be. I’ll either frog it or decide that a little bit of imperfection is fine; as the Quakers say, only God is perfect! ;)


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March 30, 2007 at 1:02 pm

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SBQ: Filing away freebies.

Do you have a system for organizing freebie charts in your stash? If so, what is it? Do you print out copies of all of the freebies that you find on the web (that you think you might actually stitch) or do you maintain electronic copies of them until you are ready to stitch them?

I do a bit of both, actually. When I receive hard copy freebies with stash orders, I file them away in a clear holder I keep just for that purpose. Freebies I find online are stored on my computer or on our backup hard disk until such time as I want to stitch them, whereupon I will make a printout, stitch the design and then file the hard copy in the freebie clear holder. If it’s too wrinkled from use, I file it in the round file, ie. the wastepaper basket. If the design is so precious that I’m afraid of accidentally deleting it or forgetting where I found it, I just print a copy and file it anyway. Works for me!

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March 30, 2007 at 10:41 am

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Lots of stash.

Lots of stash.

My order from Stitching Bits and Bobs finally arrived a couple of days back but I’ve been too busy to really fondle my new treasures. I know I said that I would never order from them again after my first experience shopping with them, but this time I decided I would be patient and just see how long it would take for my stuff to come. For the record, it’s two months.

The goodies you see in the picture are:
– A Kelmscott thread winder and a pack of thread rings
– Adam and Eve kit by Permin
– Drawn Thread Marriage of Minds
– Village of Hawk Run Hollow
– Quaker Friendship Sampler by Samplers and Such
– Blackbird Designs LF Quaker Garden chart and fabric
– Blackbird Designs LF Strawberry Garden
– SANQ Spring 2007 issue
– CHS alphabets to complete my set

Oh, and I placed these orders at one of their sales before I decided to hop on the wagon. Just thought I’d make that clear! Unfortunately, I did slip up here and there for other things. But that’s another story for another day. ;)

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March 29, 2007 at 2:31 pm

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Sampler update.

ProgressBeatrix Potter’s Quaker Sampler, stitched over-one on 28 count antique white linen with one strand of DMC 3041.

Our housekeeper Emily flew home to the Philippines for her two-week break yesterday and I’m feeling rather bereft. Yes, I’m spoilt. There’s no one to vacuum and steam the floors, pick up after Alison, do the laundry and clean the dogs’ toilet tray now – except K and me. So you can guess I’m not in the best of moods, particularly since it takes a long time to get my younger daughter Zoe to go to sleep so I can get stuff done!

I did, however, finish another motif and started the one in the lower right hand corner. I really enjoy working on this one and it goes quickly when I get a good block of uninterrupted stitching time. I’ll be putting this aside and mounting my gift project on the Q-snaps next per my rotation plan. Hopefully I make some headway with that today.

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March 28, 2007 at 12:31 pm

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Weekly rotation.

I’ve never been successful at maintaining a rotation, so I’m hoping for third-time lucky. Since Carissa and I have agreed to SAL the Sampler Game Board on Thursdays, I figure I should decide what to do with all the other days of the week, and the other three WIPs and countless outstanding projects I have. Here goes:

Monday: Beatrix Potter’s Quaker Sampler
Tuesday: My Paper Doll
Wednesday: Gift project
Thursday: SGB SAL
Friday: Birdhouse Row
Saturdays and Sundays: As mood or necessity dictate

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March 24, 2007 at 9:21 pm

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I was sorting some of my blog entries when I came across one detailing some stash acquisitions – one of them being Brenda Keyes’ Traditional Samplers. I’d clean forgotten that I own this book!

They do say out of sight, out of mind. After some rooting around, I found the book shelved in a part of our bookcase that I seldom look at. I rescued it, flipped the pages and suddenly, I have a few more projects I want to stitch. I wasn’t that into samplers when I bought the book but I’ve become pretty enamoured of them since then so I’m glad I did!

Of course, the book is now safely shelved in plain view, together with my other precious craft books. ;) Hope you have a great weekend! Our housekeeper is going home to the Philippines for two weeks on Tuesday and I’m determined to enjoy my last couple of days of “freedom” before we go mad trying to keep both house and children in good order and get work done while she’s gone.

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March 23, 2007 at 11:29 pm

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On and up.

I finished the biscornu! It’s sitting on a shelf in a Ziploc bag, ready to be mailed out. For obvious reasons, I can’t post a picture here…but I will once my sendee receives it safely.

Since I’ve been a good girl and finished whatever was supposed to be finished work- and stitching-wise and my flu/asthma is on the mend, I started the DT Sampler Game Board last night. I’d originally bought a square of 36 count Summer Khaki for it but my Lakeside Linens FOTM from Shakespeare’s Peddler arrived and it’s simply gorgeous! It’s a new colour called Quicksilver, and after I did a floss toss I decided I would use it for SGB instead.

A start.

I started pretty late and just stitched and stitched while watching House Season 1 that before I knew it, it was 3am! Can’t wait to work on it tonight after the kids are tucked in.

BD LF Bluebird's Message

Bent Creek Summer Snapperland

Theresa also sent me the kits for Bluebird’s Message and Summer Snapperland with the FOTM. Love the colours!

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March 22, 2007 at 7:22 pm

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