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My Paper Doll update #4.

Yeah, I know I take bad pictures.

Not very much done this week as well, but I did finish the dratted yellow pyjamas. Next bit to do will be the dog and its bowl, right below the pyjamas. Then there are a couple of small bits on the left to finish before I move the fabric and work on the stuff to the right of the doll.

I really hate stitching with white floss, and one of my next projects – a Moira Blackburn – is almost entirely white. Sigh. By the way, Moira seems to hand-draw her charts; I was looking at mine yesterday and realise there are quite a few spots in which the symbols seem to have been whited out to correct mistakes. There are also hand-written instructions such as “fill-in” in areas with blocks of colour and symbols like circles are irregularly shaped too. I would’ve thought it’d be easier to use CAD software than to draw a huge design on graph paper by hand!


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January 5, 2007 at 2:01 pm

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