the slow stitcher

Getting organised.

I pulled out my cross-stitch stash just now and got things sorted out. Put aside a few patterns and books that I want to sell off because I know I’ll never stitch them, and kitted out three patterns that I want to do in the very near future. All this was inspired by the Spotlight sale tomorrow, which I plan to hit to stock up on cotton floss and fabric for the new projects – gifts for people and thus sekrit!

I’m sort of giving up on Palace Princess for now because the thought of going back to thousands of stitches of boring old brown after stitching prettily-hued patterns is just so…well, boring. Maybe when I’m tired of psychadelic hues, I’ll pull it out again to work on. Guess you could call it my second-ever UFO (unfinished object); the first one being the Precious Moments growth chart that I started stitching when Alison was still in utero and never finished. It’s with my sister now, and I don’t think she’s getting much work done on it either.

I’m stitching another biscornu now and should have a picture of it to show tomorrow once I finish!


Written by Jean

October 4, 2006 at 1:13 am

Posted in Crafting

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