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Stash lemmings.

I have just discovered the wonders of Ink Circles by a lady named Tracy who designs mandalas and also has some beautiful cross-stitch patterns for sale. I need new stash like I need a hole in the head, but this is so gorgeous, as is this. I’m more likely to stitch the first pattern than the second, but the latter would make a beautiful tapestry-like hanging. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve also recently acquired 8″x8″ Q-snaps from Cross Stitch Joy after I realised my Silkweaver stash-pak fabby pieces are all too small to fit on the 11″x11″ frames. I love them! They’re great for little projects like biscornus and ornaments or when you just want to grapple with a smaller frame. So now I have Q-snaps in all possible combinations and am a very happy camper, save for the fact that the haze is making my eyes sting and stitching is going verrrrry slooooooowly as a result.

8x8 Q-snaps.
Freshly mounted for a new small project.


Written by Jean

October 3, 2006 at 11:09 am

Posted in Crafting

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