the slow stitcher

Warming my needle.

After a long, long break I’ve finally gotten out my stone-cold Palace Princess and started working on her again. I didn’t feel like stitching and didn’t have any time to for the longest time after mailing off the final round robin rotation, but she has been calling my name so I dug her out and popped her in my Q-snaps, and hey! I’m stitching again.

At 46,288 stitches and only 1,400 done it’s going to take a while. Still, it’s a start! I may kick off a X’mas stocking as well, if I can get to Spotlight and buy the floss for it this week. I know I said I’d do the Mr Men Alphabet Sampler and I’ve prepared everything for it, down to Fray-Stop on the fabric edges, but somehow I’ve lost the will to start stitching it. The stocking kit has been in my stash for more than a year, so I guess it should be a higher-priority to do than Mr Men. Woe is the fickle stitcher in me.


Written by Jean

June 26, 2006 at 6:11 pm

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