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Mail lovin’.

Opened the mailbox today to find a tonne of junk mail, the latest Vanity Fair, the Mr Men and Little Miss Alphabet Sampler and my second fabric order from Silkweaver comprising 18ct victorian red aida, 32ct lambswool jobelan and 32ct sage jobelan. Quite stoked about the arrival of the Mr Men sampler. I opened it with Alison, who of course wanted to sew it immediately and tried to take apart the floss from the floss cards. Managed to stop her just in time, before all the floss got messed up. The kit calls for Madeira floss. I’ve never used Madeira before and don’t know where to buy it so I hope it doesn’t run out. Or should I just convert it to DMC? Hmm.

After some faffing around I also managed to figure out the stitch count as the kit instructions only mention the finished size. Silly of the manufacturer, really. Had to look around for an online calculator that would tell me what the stitch count was, and then work out the evenweave required from there. Since I’m changing the fabric I’ll only be able to start this Saturday, which is when I go to Spotlight to kill time while waiting for K to finish his bass guitar lesson. So Karen, if you want to SAL this, I’m starting this weekend or early next week depending on my usually-crazy schedule.

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April 24, 2006 at 8:41 pm

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More S.E.X.

Mr Men and Little Miss alphabet sampler K is going to kill me for sure when he reads this post, but I couldn’t resist. Isn’t this so cute? I am going to start it immediately, when it arrives. Alison and I have been reading books from Roger Hargreaves’ classic Little Men and Little Miss series and since she is now learning her ABCs, I thought this would make a nice wall hanging in her room, to remind her of her letters. The kit comes with 14ct Aida but I’m thinking of changing the fabric to a higher count. We’ll see when it arrives because the letters can’t be too small else the purpose would be defeated.

I would have gotten the number sampler too, but then that would be too much. Anyway, Alison knows her numbers very well and has progressed to counting beyond 10. Now I need to find a corner to hide in. Meep.

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April 20, 2006 at 12:15 pm

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My little stitcher.

Little stitcher.Alison has been bugging me for the longest time to let her “sew”, so I ordered two packs of DMC plastic needles online and bought some canvas for her to try her hand at being a stitcher. Unfortunately I neglected to check the count of the canvas I bought. It was 14ct; the holes were too small for the big plastic needle to go through. I ended up giving her a size 22 needle to stitch with.

I had to show her a few times that the needle has to go through the fabric instead of around it. Most of the time, she got it right. Of course one cannot expect a four-year old toddler to stitch up anything more than random ins-and-outs, but i think she’s done great for a first-timer. She even wanted to “follow” one of the patterns in my Strawberry Shortcake pattern book, insisting that I thread her some red floss after she finished with the green, per the pattern. I’m sure that she’ll find it easier to stitch once I get her the 11ct or smaller Aida or canvas to work with the plastic needle.

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April 20, 2006 at 9:12 am

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