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2006 stitching goals.

1. Finish the Round Robin – done!
Three more rotations to go, and I’m done! First and last time I’ll join an RR though.

2. Finish Palace Princess – UFO-ed
This is a BAP (big-ass project) and will probably take 6 months to complete, but finish I will.

3. Start on long-overdue Christmas stockings – started on mine only
I want to finish at least K’s and Ally’s before Christmas.

4. Start my Houtman patchwork sampler – KIVed
Another BAP that will take a few months to finish.

5. Wedding pattern – found!
My sister is getting married in mid-2007 and I want to stitch something special for her. Have yet to find perfect pattern – don’t want to do something she will not like.

6. Miscellaneous projects – partially accomplished
There are one or two popular character patterns that Ally has asked me to make for her, so I’ll squeeze them in when I can.

My plate is so very full.

Written by Jean

January 6, 2006 at 10:30 am

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